End to End Integrated Housing Management Solution
Housing Matters
A technology platform to make housing accessible
What does Housing Matters Cover?
Housing Matters is a framework that provides all necessary functionality to support key housing management processes like:
Rentals, Homeownership Opportunities
Setting up Studios, 1, 2,3,4,5-Bedroom units using HUD specifications for income based on unit type.
Section 8, Public Housing Vacancies
Setting up leased and public housing units within the system, and managing waitlists for these opportunities using Housing Choice Voucher Program.
Pre, Post-Assignment Processes
Setting up housing opportunities, accepting and reviewing applications, assigning units and then managing post assignment activities like rent payments, renewals, move-outs, transfers etc.
Opportunity Setup by Housing Authorities and Developers
Submit Notice of Intent (NOI)
Real Estate Development companies can submit NOI with details on the proposed development. The NOI will capture details on the development team, property type, expected occupancy date, buildings and units within each building.
Set Up Developments
Development is the primary object or container for information on the housing project, buildings and units within each building. The agency user will be able to specify affordability requirements for each unit and specify if the unit is set aside to meet specific housing need e.g.: mobility, vision hearing, veteran etc.
Assemble Lotteries
The agency user can assemble housing lotteries by including the details from the applicable development, building, and units. The user will be able to set preferences for the lottery, e.g.: 10% for mobility applicants, 5% for residents in the area, etc.
Manage Lotteries
The agency user will be able to publish the lotteries to the portal so that applicants can view the details of the lottery and apply to them. Our solution makes the lottery details available in multiple languages. The user can respond to questions from the applicants and close or extend the lottery as needed.
Manage Paper Applications
Our solution supports the need to accept paper applications from interested members of the public. The developer staff can access the lottery, upload these documents, and associate them with the relevant applicant details.
Applicant Experience Portal
Set Up Account
Our solution allows applicants to access the portal and self register as a user. The user can also use their Google or Facebook account to login to the Portal. On accessing the portal, the user can complete the registration process by providing contact details and selecting preferred mode of communication.
Set Up Profile
This is a key part of our solution. The portal includes a profile questionnaire that captures key information on the applicant, such as current living address, number of members in the household, employment details of each household member and other relevant details required for the application to housing lotteries. The questionnaire is completely configurable. We have a database of questions to choose from, and users can add additional questions.
Access Opportunities
This portal allows applicants to view all housing opportunities, including rentals and homeownership opportunities. It will also include options for applying to Section 8 and public housing. The user can access options to search and filter opportunies. For each opportunity, our solution will display all relevant details, e.g.: building, amenities, unit details, photos, floorplans, affordability specifications, location on map, travel directions etc.
Apply & Check Status
The applicants apply for opportunities. The portal will include checks to ensure duplicate applications are not submitted in error. In addition, applicants can check the status of their applications using the portal. This will provide details regarding where the application currently stands within the overall process and steps that the application must go through before a unit is offered.
Submit Documents
With all applications, applicants are required to provide documentation to support the profile details. Using the portal, the applicant can upload and save profile-specific documents securely to a document repository. When needed, the applicant can reference the applicable document from the repository and associate it with the application.
Application Review by Housing Authorities & Developers
Integrated Eligibility Determination
Our solution includes a system process that is initiated at scheduled times to run and review applications that meet the eligibility criteria for units listed in the lottery. The criteria reviews HUD Income AMI guidelines, applicant household size and income, mobility, vision, hearing, and other preferences for unit allocation. Applications that meet the designated criteria will be flagged as eligibile for further review by the user.
Applicant Screening
Our solution allows developers and agency staff to further engage with eligible applicants, and to request and review submitted documents. Staff may also schedule date/time to meet with the applicants and the applicants' household members to certify information on the application and initiate a background screening process.
Application Review
For screened applications, our solution allows agency staff to complete final reviews and provide decisions. All decisions will result in system-generated notices to applicants. Our solution will merge the applicant's contact information with the applicable template and convert the final document into a PDF that can be printed and mailed.